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San Bushman Paintings: The San people lived in this area 2000 - 4000 years ago. Evidence of their life here is found on rock shelters and caves, where their art has remained to this day. Specialist tourist guides take visitors to view these sites.

Iron Age Smelting Sites: Iron age smelting sites exist in the Dundee/Glencoe area. Arrangements can be made to visit the sites.

Valley of the Cannibals: From Rorke's Drift via Elandskraal to Helpmekaar, you travel through exceptionally scenic valleys. In the early 1800's tribes who fled from the growing Zulu nation took refuge in these hills and turned to cannibalism for survival. Large groups under the leadership of Hlupalule lived in caves in these valleys. Guided tours can be arranged to view the Cannibal Caves, Cannibal Rock and pantry.

Elandskraal Church and Annual Fete: In the tiny village of Elandskraal is a beautiful stone church built by German missionaries, who settled in the valley in the 1850's. This church is the heart of the German community in this valley and an annual fete is held on the first Saturday of June. Traditional German food, crafts and entertainment ensure that this is an event not to be missed.

Maria Ratschitz - Wasbank valley: The monastery and church were founded and built by the Trappist Monks. The mission was started in 1890. Between 1905 and 1909 the church was built and dedicated to the Seven Sorrows of Our Lady. It was in constant use until the 1970's. Slowly in slid into decline. In 1997 restoration was begun and dedicated workmen have restored the buildings to their former glory. A nursing order of nuns manage an aids hospice in some of the original buildings. Religious retreats may also be taken here.

Gandhi Memorial - Talana Museum: In the gardens of the museum is a memorial to the 21 years Gandhi spent in South Africa.This has at times been referred to as part of his "apprenticeship" as a mahatma. Gandhi passed through Glencoe on his way to lead the peaceful protest march for Indian Civil Rights from Newcastle to the Transvaal in 1913.

Karel Landman House - Glencoe valley: This simple home was built by Karel Landman who was second in command at the battle of Blood River. The cottage is on the privately owned farm called Uirhoek and arrangements can be made with the owners Carl and Barbara Simpson to unlock the house for viewing. Tel.: 034 - 393 1692

Site of the Vow - Wasbank valley: On the banks of the Wasbank river, below Indumeni Mountain the Voortrekkers made a Vow that it God granted them victory in the forthcoming battle with the Zulu forces they would hold the day sacred and build a church in His memory (the church of the Vow in Pietermaritzburg). A public holiday on 16 December (Day of Reconciliation) recalls the battle of Blood River/Ncome. On the right side of the road just before the Wasbank river bridge a stone plinth indicates the site.

Wenkommando Pass: The road from Wasbank to Dundee, up and over Indumeni Mountain, follows the route of the Voortrekker Wenkommando (Victorious commando) on their way through this area to fight the battle against the Zulu's on the banks of the Ncome river. As you reach the crest of this scenic pass you can look back down into the Wasbank valley and ahead into the Dundee and Glencoe valley. A memorial on the farm boundary on the crest of the pass (on the west side of the road ). commemorates the Voortrekker struggle to haul their wagons to the top of the mountain. They called this the "Mud Mountains", as a result of the large rocks and quantities of mud with which they had to contend.

Orange Grove Dairy - Dundee: This dairy has the largest Jersey stud herd in the country. Visits by prior arrangement 034 - 212 1144 e-mail: info@orangegrove.co.za

Contact Tourism Dundee (034) 212 2121 X2262 or Talana Museum (034) 212 2654 for the names of our registered tour guides.

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