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This land is ancient. Sketches, paintings, engravings and tools of the stone age Khoi San testify to early and long occupation. By the 18th century Nguni tribes­men had given this area the name of "Honey Mountains,” for life was sweet.

A lofty world of vast panoramas, this area can claim many titles- "No Man's Land,” “The Turbulent Frontier,” "Crossroads of South African History," “Land of the Covenant," "Land of Forts," "Land of Battles," Land of Missions."

Destiny marched with men along its winding roads and through its steep, narrow passes where bloody battles were fought between Bantu, Boer and Brit. Bantu met Bantu in the great Shakan age, Boer confronted Bantu in 1838 and broke Dingane's impis at BloodRiver, Proud Imperial Britain bit the dust of Isandlwana on 22 January 1879. That same day reputation was to be salvaged at Rorkes Drift.

The first of the Boer/Brit conflicts was brief, but never forgotten. "Remember Majuba" was to be a rallying cry for the conflict 20 years later.

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Boer challenged Brit in the most tragic of civil wars in 1899. Talana was the first dramatic battle of that three year conflict.

Some of the most decisive battles of "Victoria’s little wars" were fought in this region. Winston Churchill's historic reference of the town of Ladysmith, "famous unto the uttermost ends of the earth," holds true for the area as a whole.

The highroads to adventure cut through this area and many are the ghosts of people who passed this way. Brigands and bankrupts,officers and gentlemen, smugglers and cattle rustlers, men of theCross and men of the Sword, all have lent romance to this corner of South Africa.

Colour, culture, characters and the echoes of fierce, clashs - all his and much more can be found in the tranquil hills of northern KwaZulu/Natal.

Mercifully, this area offered more than conflict. Its great natural beauty and its small wonders enchanted early settlers and continue to enchant.

Pride in the environment and their heritage is a real force in these mountains, where farmers have banded together in game conservancies to reintroduce game and protect surviving species. Bird viewers are delighted with their sightings. Trails, with evocative names, open these pleasures to ramblers.

The Battlefields Route starts at Estcourt in the south and winds north, through Colenso and Ladysmith to Newcastle and Volksrust and eastwards to Utrecht, Glencoe, Dundee, Nqutu, Paulpietersburg, Vryheid, Babanango, Ulundi and Eshowe.

The Battlefields Route is not a journey, it is a rich experience. These unspoilt battlefields have a palpable atmosphere and the information centres or tourist guides can evoke vivid pictures of the tough battles fought there.

Midway between Durban and Johannesburg, the Battlefields Route is an interesting area and wherever you go, you can be assured of friendly hospitality.